Project Development

What we do, we do well
Today's industrial challenge is to develop personalised products at the cost of mass production. This requires a very specific vocation of knowing how to listen to people's needs, an attitude of great flexibility in interpreting these inputs and converting them into projects idealised by customers, combined with a CNC-based technological capacity capable of carrying out customised projects at reasonable costs.

Equipment Rental

Pay only for what you use

Our equipment hire service offers you the possibility of a flexible contract tailored to your needs. At the end of your contract and in accordance with the conditions laid down, you can return your Toscca product.
We will keep it in perfect condition until you need it again or until it can be used by someone else.



When in doubt, talk to someone who knows

The vast majority of our products are designed so that you can assemble them yourself. However, we have specialised teams who can do the job for you!
Our teams carry out assemblies all over the country, are technically trained and rely on the experience they have acquired over the years, guaranteeing a professional and quality service.
In order to guarantee efficiency at every stage of the work, our teams of assembly professionals are accompanied by qualified engineers.


Specialised, efficient and transparent

Repair and reuse have never made more sense than they do today! In order to guarantee the maximum durability of your equipment, Toscca has a maintenance service. Our specialised teams will carry out an initial assessment and recommend specific services to repair your equipment.
It goes without saying that our priority is reusability, without compromising efficiency and durability.


How does it work?

If you have wooden equipment in need of maintenance, don't worry.
At Toscca we have the right team to assess the situation, find the best solution and get the job done.

Envie-nos fotografias do seu equipamento, com referência ao número da encomenda/fatura. No caso de não ter essa informação, indique-nos o ano de construção e a localidade.

Dependendo da situação poderá, ou não, ser necessário o agendamento de uma visita técnica.