Circularity of products is no longer an option! 
Excessive consumption of natural resources and the disposal of products at the end of their life often generate unaffordable levels of pollution and lead to further consumption of resources, which are by definition finite. A change of attitude is urgently needed in order to recycle, reduce and reuse end-of-life products, converting them into new products and new uses. It was on the basis of this attitude that we decided to invest in an extrusion line for 100% recycled plastic profiles - PE/ PP, which we use in the manufacture of our furniture, signage and other types of equipment under our R.CYCLE (TM) brand. 
Products that combine 100% recycled plastic profiles with wood, in order to get the best out of both types of material, result in functional, appealing equipment with a low use of resources, thus making a strong contribution to reducing our ecological footprint.