About us
Specialising in the production of treated wood, we develop sustainable, innovative and long-lasting solutions for construction and architecture. Wood is always our starting point, in its most diverse forms, combined with technology and supported by the knowledge acquired over more than two decades, enabling us to respond to a multitude of situations. Passionate about the industry, armed with determination and committed to tomorrow, all our products are manufactured in Portugal and come from certified and sustainable forests.


By treating wood, we do nothing more than contribute to the sustainability of forest resources. We know that untreated wood, if exposed to certain conditions, has a lifespan of no more than two or three years, because nature has a number of agents and predators that lead to its destruction.
By treating wood using different processes, we can increase its lifespan up to 15 times and, consequently, reduce its consumption to a large extent.

Quality and rigour

At Toscca we believe that a quality service is an integrated service, which takes care of everything from the forest where the trees grow to the factory where the equipment is produced, without neglecting the detail of the projects, valuing the people who bring them to life and promoting proper maintenance, which is fundamental to extending the life cycle of the equipment. This is the only way we can guarantee that we will deliver a solution that adds value to the customer and that will serve its purpose in the best possible way!

Sustainability - Our Commitment

Sustainability is an integral part of Toscca's DNA, present in the use of raw materials from certified forests, in the reuse of waste in the form of new products, in the durability of our products and in the promotion of a diverse environment at all levels, which enhances the synergy of the versatile combination of experiences, cultures, age, talent and gender.

Reconstruction - Resilience and Opportunity

On 15 October 2018 - exactly one year after the fire that reduced the old facilities to ashes - the new TOSCCA was inaugurated by the President of the Republic, H.E. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Turning adversity into an opportunity, we have been reborn with state-of-the-art technology, more space and new job opportunities. We now have 4 pavilions totalling around 17,000 m2 of covered area, all with automatic sprinkler systems - innovative fire protection technology.

Beekeeping - For a Better World

Passionate about bees, we have been beekeepers for a long time, with more than 2000 colonies and professional management based on knowledge and experience, we actively contribute to a more sustainable planet. We do pollination, producing honeys from different plants, pollen and propolis in hives naturally made from Toscca wood.


It was on the basis of this attitude that we decided to invest in an extrusion line for 100% recycled plastic profiles - PE/PP - which we use in the manufacture of our R.CYCLE range of furniture. Furniture combined with wood, in order to make the most of the combination of the two types of material, results in functional, appealing equipment that makes a strong contribution to reducing the ecological footprint.