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{:en}Wood houses

More than a solution, a wooden house is a concept and an option for those who do not dispense harmony, elegance and comfort in a room. The use of wood as the main raw material for the construction of buildings also reveals respect for nature and concern for the sustainability of the planet. Whether traditional or contemporary models, all architectural concepts are conceivable and result in a single piece. Contraindications: both style usually arouses envy.


Of the several advantages that the constructions in wood have on the other types of construction stand out the following ones:

Construction speed - A wooden house can be built in a few days. Its constructive method allows that from its technical design and the realization of the first pieces, that these can be mounted in panels already in factory. In addition to the time, the assembly in the factory brings as advantages a greater efficiency and efficacy of the assembly in addition to being able to do a series of works inside of factory they allow us not to be dependent on the atmospheric conditions. These panels are easily and quickly assembled on site.

Thermal and acoustic insulation - Wood conserves heat as well as freshness, (energy saving) Of all solid building materials, wood is the most acoustic and thermal insulation in addition to standards. In terms of thermal insulation, prefabricated wooden houses have six times the insulation of brick, 15 times higher than concrete, 400 times higher than steel and 1770 times higher than aluminum.

Thus, it is possible to keep the indoor environment warm in the winter and cool in summer, thus saving energy that can exceed 50% in relation to masonry constructions. A 17 cm thick wooden wall is equivalent to one in 40 cm cement. Also in the case of acoustic insulation, the wooden houses come to gain, because this material absorbs a great part of the energy and the sound waves, revealing itself a quite silent dwelling.

Optimum comfort - The wood offers optimum comfort, it is a natural regulator of humidity and temperature. In a wooden house reigns a healthy and warm atmosphere.

Involvement with environment - The wood respects the places and the landscapes, facilitating a harmonious integration with the landscape.

Ecology - Wood is a natural non-toxic and recyclable product. The wood does not radiate radioactivity, gases or dust or static electricity. Wood reduces the greenhouse effect by fixing excess carbon dioxide on our planet.

Resistance to fire - Contrary to the existing idea, wood withstands fire better than other building materials.

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