Several models of wires with different heights and shapes are available in order to satisfy everyone's needs.
AgricultureWiresSheep Wire Mesh

Sheep Wire Mesh


Sheep Wire Mesh, with progressive and galvanized mesh (50 metre rolls):

Light Mesh
METREDLIG80-50M - Height de 80 cm (8/80/15)
METREDLIG100-50M - Height de 100 cm (8/100/15)
METREDLIG120-50M - Height de 120 cm (9/120/15)
METREDLIG140-50M - Height de 140 cm (11/140/15)
METREDLIG200-50M - Height de 200 cm (17/200/15)

Stronge Mesh
METREDFOR8/100/15 - Height de 100 cm (8/100/15)
METREDFOR9/124/15 - Height de 120 cm (9/120/15)
METREDLIG11/140/15 - Height de 140 cm (11/140/15)



Sheep Wire Mesh

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