A Toscca is more than a just a wooden house, it's a different attitude, is a concept of housing, modern, ecological, providing an advantage in terms of functionality and habitability.
Casas Destaque

Comfort and Design

Made of wood from the north of Europe, namely wild pine or fir, from certified and managed forests. Our accumulated knowledge and experience along 10 years allows us to design buildings, adapted to our climatic conditions, our culture and related to our concept of home. Our wooden houses are built from scratch, no matter the  architectural concept associated. Toscca Wood homes are designed and developed according to the construction standards, in particular Eurocode No 5. Toscca wood  homes also take on a noble and robust appearance and have a high level of thermal and acoustical insulation.

The choice of a Toscca can be done in two ways: choose a standard model and make the necessary adjustments you find interesting, such as the roofing materials, colors, type of doors and windows and even interior rooms, or design a completely new and custom model.



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