The ideal solution for outdoor pavements, ensuring one's well-being and comfort and allowing you to create unique solutions.

Composite Deck




Composite Deck:
Lengths  200 cm 250 cm 300 cm
Widths (cm) 14x2,3 14x2,3 14x2,3
14x2,8 14x2,8 14x2,8

Surface Finish
  • Anti-slip polished finish.
  • Finely scratched on side and smooth on the other.

Composite with 50% Wood + 50% in PVC
  • Contains wood from sawmills residues and other wood industries avoiding the direct deforestation of forests.
  • In addition to being an alternative to tropical timber, it respects the environment and contributes to the reduction of deforestation of tropical forests such as the Amazon.


Composite Deck

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