Mini Vegetable Gardens

Tudo o que precisa para construir a sua própria horta.

In recent years there has been growing interest in organic products accompanied by an awareness process of all its benefits. To produce what you consume has started to be a luxury and a practice that attracts more and more followers. However, this recent habit implies some changes in the life of those who do it, being that all the  necessary means  for its performance are not always available .

Aware of this Toscca conceived a range of products that not only combat problems regarding lack of space, as well as to have a lot of leisure time and being  in contact with nature and, above all, opting for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, we have provide a series of urban gardens in the midst of answering all the problems associated with urban agriculture. 

All our products are sold in small sized kits  so that it can be both  transported and assembled by the customer. Built in treated wood and designed to optimise space, guaranteeing  durability, robustness and elegance. 

In addition to our standard models we also develop custom-made projects providing a long range of solutions.


Mini Vegetable Gardens

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